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Did you know that most bottled water brands use tap water?

Floride, Led, Chlorine, Mercury and more have been found in bottled water. Our residential and commercial Reverse Osmosis filtration systems remove 95% of dissolved contaminants from tap water.

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  If your water is of unknown quality, have your water tested by an approved laboratory.

Watercheck is a comprehensive water test including: 103 total parameters; bacteria, (coliform and/or E-coli), 19 inorganic metals, 11 inorganic physical factors, 4 trihalomethanes, 47 volatile organic chemicals, and 20 pesticides, herbicides, and PCB’s.

List of Water Test Parameters:

The test results list 3 individual columns:  MCL (max. contaminant level), Detection Level of the equipment, and the Actual Level Detected.
  • Watercheck:          $290.00
Radon Water Test:
  Radon is a radioactive gas that cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted. Radon
comes from the natural decay process of radium, which comes from  
uranium in the rocks and soil.  Radon is soluble in water and is
dangerous to inhale or ingest.
Radon in water is very volatile, therefore a double (2) vial sample is required.
  • Radon Water Test:    $70.00


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