Did you know that most bottled water brands use tap water?

Floride, Led, Chlorine, Mercury, and more have been found in bottled water. Our residential and commercial Reverse Osmosis filtration systems remove 95% of dissolved contaminants from tap water.

Get healthier now starting at $1.17 per day.

We customize the water purification systems based on the water quality in your area.

No obligations. No annual contract. No hidden fees.

water engineering purification and treatment experience

Allow Professional Water Technology (PWT) to enhance the safety and taste of your water.

Our company was brought to life by a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) boasting over four decades of experience in water engineering and purification. As a civil engineering graduate with a special focus on environmental water engineering, he spent 17 years serving two of the Northeast's largest water suppliers.

Founded in 1987, PWT leverages its robust technical expertise to create a range of water purification and treatment solutions. Our aim is to offer the public a healthier alternative to regular tap water. At Professional Water Technology, Inc., we are a comprehensive water treatment provider, equipped with a diverse array of products to resolve all your water-related concerns and water problems.


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