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Did you know that most bottled water brands use tap water?

Floride, Led, Chlorine, Mercury and more have been found in bottled water. Our residential and commercial Reverse Osmosis filtration systems remove 95% of dissolved contaminants from tap water.

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We customize water purification system based on water quality in your area.

PWT-4000 QX  Under-the-Counter Carbon System-1,500 gallon capacity

Stage 1: Mechanical Filtration
1.0-micron Pre-Filter
Stage 2: Lead Removal
Lead Sorbent media
Stage 3: Ultra-Fine Filtration/Carbon Adsorption
1.0-micron solid Carbon Block matrix
No channeling, by-passing or fluidization
Stage 4: Chemical Removal Filter
35.5 cubic inch compressed granular carbon,
prolonged contact adsorption
for removal of extra high levels of
chemicals, chlorine and chloramines.

water purification under counter system activated carbon and lead removal

The Quick-Disconnect Cartridge System is very easy to service, you can change the filter cartridges yourself, there is no need for a costly service call.The Quick-Disconnect Cartridge System is state-of-the-art compression molding process. This produces a strong one piece block with extended life. The finely powdered activated carbon particles have been bonded together to form a uniform, solid profile with superior  adsorptive capacity and kinetic efficiency. Cartridges are design to flow in a radial outside to inside direction resulting in little pressure drop, high flow rate and increase dirt holding capacity.
The "Aqua bond" process allows the bonding  of multiple types
of extremely  small sized particles onto a single support  structure; ie. fine powdered lead sorbents bond onto the larger carbon support structures.

All FDA approved materials

PWT  Water Treatment Application Chart

Removes or Reduces Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Particulates (dirt, sediment, rust) Y      
Tastes, Odors     Y YY
Chlorine, Chloramines     Y YY
Lead (soluble & insoluble)   YY    
Pesticides, Herbicides (DDT, DBCP)
    Y YY
Chemicals (THMs,TCE,PCBs, etc.)     Y YY
Bacteria (Crytosporidium, Giardia ) Y   Y  

Faucet-Assorted Colors             Deluxe Faucets
PWT-4000QX Brochure
Faucet Repair Instructions

Dimensions: 12”W x 17”H x 4”D

Superior System Features  

       Unlimited supply of water
       Standard long-reach spout
       Reliable brass fittings
       Easy and convenient to use
        1 year limited warranty

4000QX Filter Set:
•Pressure Regulator Valve (PRV) 
$76.00/set  $70.00

       Can be connected to an automatic ice-maker,
          ice- water dispenser, insta-hot
       Ready to install right out of the carton
       Service is easy with no tools, drips, or mess


SQC Under-the-Counter Reverse Osmosis System - 22 gal/day


Stage 1: Mechanical filtration
5.0-micron Pre-Filter
Stage 2: Carbon Adsorption
Granular Carbon Pre-Filter
Stage 3: Ultra-filtration/Reverse Osmosis
TFC High-Flux Membrane 22 gal/day plus
Stage 4: Carbon Adsorption
Carbon Block Post-Filter
Faucet-Assorted Colors        Deluxe Faucets
SQC-4 Brochure
Faucet Repair Instructions

Reverse osmosis water purification system 22 gal/day

Superior System Features:
      Compatible for both municipal (City) water or well water supplies
       Recommended for residential applications
       NSF certified and listed           
       SQC- Sanitary Quick Change filter cartridges for easy installation and service
       5 micron graded density sediment pre-filter, for optimal dirt holding capacity
       • Granular activated carbon pre-filter to protect membrane
       Radial flow Carbon-Block polishing filter
       Patented  stealth flow control
       Slim profile, space saving design
       Installation Kit includes feed water valve, 2.5 gallon storage tank, long reach
          lead-free faucet
       High performance automatic shut-off valve
       10 year limited warranty 

Note: All drinking water systems are factory tested and prepared for installation. Actual
         production rate and TDS removal varies depending on temperature, pressure, TDS level,
         membrane variation, and usage pattern. 

Contaminant Reduction Performance Chart
SQC-3      $775.00
SQC-4      $875.00
•Pressure Regulator Valve $70.00

  SQC-3 FILTERS:  $115.00/set  (w/o TFC Membrane)
  • Pre-Filter (Sediment & Carbon)  #706   $56.00  
  • Post-Filter  #710   $59.00  
  TFC Membrane  #4706 $135.00  
  SQC-4 FILTERS:  $139.00/set  (w/o TFC Membrane)
  • Pre-Filter   #702   $37.00
  • Pre-Carbon   #704   $43.00   
   TFC Membrane   #4706 $135.00   
  • Post-Filter   #710   $59.00 



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