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Did you know that most bottled water brands use tap water?

Floride, Led, Chlorine, Mercury and more have been found in bottled water. Our residential and commercial Reverse Osmosis filtration systems remove 95% of dissolved contaminants from tap water.

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We customize water purification system based on water quality in your area.

Conter top water purification unit

PWT-1000LX Counter-Top Carbon Block Unit- 1,000 gallon capacity



Stage 1: Mechanical filtration
1.0 micron pre-filter
Stage 2: Lead Removal
Oxidizing filter media
Stage 3: Ultra-Filtration / Carbon Adsorption
1.0- micron solid carbon block matrix no channeling, by-passing,
or fluidization

water purification counter top system activated carbon and lead removal

PWT Water Treatment Application Chart
Removes or Reduces Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Particulates (dirt, sediment, rust) Y    
Tastes, Odors     Y
 Chlorine,Cloramines      Y
 Lead (Soluble & Insoluble)    Y  Y
 Pesticides, Hebicides (DDT, DBCP, etc)      Y
Chemicals (THMs, TCE, PCBs, etc)       Y
 Bacteria (Crytosporidium, Giardia)      Y

Unlimited supply of water    Portable: for travel, vacation or at a summer home
   Standard long-reach spout      Ready to install right out of the carton     
   Reliable brass fittings      Easy and convenient to use
        1 year limited warranty

  • PWT - 1 Counter Top Carbon Block Unit   $95.00


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